Leak: Motorola DROID Fighter photo in the wild


Its Monday morning and what better way to start the week if not with a new phone leak. We’ve been hearing about a new mysterious device dubbed Droid Fighter for a while but we were kind of in the dark because there were no other information about it except the name of the device even the vendor’s name was unknown that until today.

The image you see above was posted over the weekend on Munz [CN] forum and they are referring to it as the Droid Fighter by Motorola. Another interesting thing revealed on this forum board is the size of the screen which they claim it will have 4.65-inches with a HD display similar to GALAXY Nexus’s.

HD displays is something rather new for Motorola in the US, although we’ve seen a Chinese variant of Droid RAZR HD at CES 2012 in Las Vegas that model never made it to US market.

Droid Fighter could launch as early as April 12 which will make this phone the first handset by Motorola to run on Android 4.0 OS, and that because the only device scheduled to receive an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade in the Q2 2012 according to Motorola’s announced timeline is Motorola XyBoard Family Edition (8.2″).

More details as they come in, until then check us on a daily basis to learn more. Any thoughts on Droid Fighter?

source Munz [CN] via Droid-Life