Asus Transformer TF101 new update fixes WiFi, but it still randomly reboots & for some reason now dies in sleep mode


Asus UK rolled over the weekend a software upgrade to Transformer TF101 terminals which fixes a lot of bugs like the WiFi issues, and most importantly the random reboot bug, unfortunately with the new upgrade some users complain about TF101 not resuming from sleep mode, when pressing the power button, requiring a manual reboot by holding the power on/off button for 8-10 seconds until the slate reboots and another issue reported by users is that the tablet is being slow when changing screens on its desktop.

We are still waiting to see if this is an isolated event for an unlucky consumer or if there are more people complaining about it.

Update: Apparently the random reboot bug is not fixed yet consumers still complaining about it, making them more unhappy than ever.

source Asus UK (Facebook)