Motorola Droid PRO getting a maintenance software update build 4.7.3 breaks root


Verizon brings a maintenance software update to the good old Motorola Droid PRO the handset with a portrait physical keyboard.

The update is said to fix several problems like the reset after an Over the Air update, or random lock-ups, fixes the automatically power on bug after it has been powered off, improves keyboard backlighting and updates VCAST app to version 2.00.54. New build is 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US and it is rolling already OTA if you didn’t get it yet you can always manually check to see if its available in your area.

Update: Please be warned if you are rooted before the update you will lose those privileges afterwards. Do a backup with Titanium Backup or any other similar app.

Motorola Droid PRO buil 4.7.3 change log:

Device Features:

  • Improved security with DigiNotar security patch.
  • Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System.
  • Device will no longer lockup or reset after an Over the Air update.
  • Device will no longer automatically power on after it has been powered off.
  • Pressing the spacebar key will no longer cause the device to lockup.
  • Improvements to keyboard backlighting.

Email & Messaging:

  • Smart Forwarding will no longer cause forwarded messages to remain in the Outbox.

Applications & Widgets:

  • V CAST Apps is now updated to version 2.00.54.
  • VZ Navigator® is now updated to version

source Verizon