Microsoft’s new Touchscreen technology urges Android OEM’s to come up with something better!


As is customary with every mobile OS, Android too has its flaws !! It suffers from ‘screen lag’, it’s not so much as low frame rate as it is the time that the screen takes to respond to the action of  the finger. Be it a simple ICS Circle unlock or swiping through your apps drawer, the lag is unmistakably noticeable! WP7 and iOS have demonstrated ways to reduce this screen lag but none have yet come up with a way to eradicate this problem.

Recently,  Nvidia showed us how they hope to better alleviate this issue with their Tegra 3′s processor using a little something they’re calling DirectTouch, that offloads some of the touchscreen processing across its 5 cores.

If you think that’s impressive, think again after watching this video by Microsoft ? This video shows Microsoft’s zero touchscreen latency.

Do you think a touchscreen with zero latency could help the overall Android user experience? Or is this something you’ve never considered, nor give a hoot about? Let us know via comments below.

[Via Phandroid]