Archos teases a mysterious tablet dubbed G10 xs which will cost under €200 [Update]


Two weeks ago a whole unreleased and unannounced G3 tablet series by Archos running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS leaked out from a Chinese retailer. A series of Android 4.0 running tablets without something impressive beside the OS of choice.

Today Archos started teasing another unreleased 10.1-inch tablet that we havent heard of before dubbed G10 xs. The only detail known so far is its slimness measuring in only 7.5mm without the keyboard dock all together is 11mm thick.

We also know that Archos adopted Google’s Android operating system which leads us to belive that this new slate will run on Ice Cream Sandwich as well as its siblings.

Update: According to Reuters there will be another entry-level tablet to go with G10 xs at launch called – Archos Elements which will arrive in three variants 7″, 8″ and 10″ (we are assuming that these are the G3 tablet series) priced at €129, €149 and €199 respectively.


source Archos (Facebook) via Reuters