Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III now being made while pre-orders are breaking all records


Although rumors about GALAXY S III became almost a daily routine in the recent months, the last couple of weeks have been really quiet regarding Samsung’s next-generation flagship smartphone.

It didn’t took long before someone agitated the waters again, as today Eldar Murtazin via his Twitter account felt like sharing with the world in which stages is the SGS III.

Eldar claims that Samsung Electronics has finalized all hardware and software details on the GALAXY S III and that is now going through production line. He also said that pre-orders for the handset coming from  retailers and operators (carriers) are way off the charts and it could potentially lead to a new world record in becoming the top-selling Android device ever.

In terms of hardware specs Murtazin fails to confirm anything from what we’ve learned so far, but one thing the unique ceramic unibody of the phone, which is a totally new thing coming from Samsung who is used to manufacture devices out of plastic material.

source Eldar Murtazin (Twitter)