Daily Android App: Siine Keyboard (super-fast typing)


Siine Keyboard is one great new Android app that a friend of mine recommended it gives you a dynamic and fast way to type all sorts of phrases whether you’re at work, in a meeting, at school or driving and you can’t type Siine comes to the rescue with a list of interesting features which offers many possibilities of typing and writing words or even sentences in seconds.

How hard it is to write text messages in which you have to type dates such as ” I will arrive on March 27 at 07:00PM” with Siine this message is really a piece of cake to type and there is even more check the video tutorial at the bottom of the article for other amazing features.

Siine Features 

  • Shortcuts – Fully-customizable icons for super-fast shortcuts for greetings such as “Hey man, how’s it going?” to “Cool, talk to you soon”
  • A built-in Clock and Calendar lets you text about time and dates easier than ever before!
  • Stress Message screen for when you’re in a rush. Text “Sorry, can’t talk now. Call you right back” with only a couple taps of the keyboard.
  • Slang Sets – Get cool add-on slang sets such as Street, Aussie and Flirting. “Waazzupp?? Holla at me yo!”
  • Personalized Emoticons – Love Emoticons? Siine lets you create your very own!
  • Sexy Delete – Delete text fast with the wiggle of your finger – ohh la la!
Download Siine Keyboard free from Google Play store (Android market web link)



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