Google Play (Android market) APK file v3.4.6


Ok, so Google embedded today the Android market, Google Music, Movies and Books all together into one single portal called – Google Play.

The upgrade of the Android market APK from 3.4.4 should be pushing out right about now in the US over the air (I can’t pronounce myself about the rest of the world in Eastern Europe isnt pushing yet). Anyways if you want to upgrade to the latest Google Play Android market store version 3.4.6 check below our download link.

Download Google Play APK v3.4.6 (Android market update)

Note: It will change your Android market icon to Play Store and it wont be compatible with Go Launcher EX right after install (backup your GO Launcher EX settings – uninstall it – and reinstall it again; this might happend with ADW, LauncherPro or others we havent tested it yet but if you do please leave a comment below).