Verizon’s upcoming LG Lucid 4G and Droid Fighter release dates leak out



Twelve days ago information about two new devices dubbed LG Cayman and Droid Fighter leaked out from within Verizon system.

Now, a couple of weeks later the very same mysterious devices surface again in another leaked document which makes reference to possible launch dates. While we know very little about Droid Fighter, LG Cayman is a 4G high-end smartphone recently refered to as LG Lucid 4G which we suspect that it is the US version of LG Optimus 4X HD. I guess we will have to wait until March 29 for VZW to confirm our suspicion.

On the same document there are two other interesting devices listed without a launch date – HTC Fireball which we belive it is HTC One XL Lte for US market and Samsung Plato a codename which popped up for the first time last year in August.

via Droid-Life


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