ASUS Transformer Prime: Pure Design Perfection


ASUS Transformer Prime, the flagship tablet of ASUS, aims at offering an enhanced user experience, both tactile and visual. ASUS has successfully achieved its ‘most greatest challenge’ greater size and reduced weight. Not only is it the slimmest and lightest 10” tablet PC (8.3mm, 586g), it’s also equipped for the highest performance in every way; look and feel, screen and camera quality, and audio-visual features.

The Prime has a full metal jacket; a lustrous solid metallic body with a premium finish. A solid frame with a 3D coaxial hairline polish, entices the eye with a sleek slice of technology, buttons and ports placed discreetly so the smooth surface of the Prime remains virtually unbroken (something most tab manufacturer fail at considerably).

Having learnt from its earlier design, ASUS engineers have improved upon the docking feature of the ASUS Transformer Prime; the Prime’s dock is smaller and uses fewer parts, resulting in smoother and more reliable paring.

Two premium tones, amethyst gray and champagne, emphasize the Prime’s quality status. Amethyst Gray serves the purpose for the on-the-go businessmen. Adding a touch of rich royal purple in the dark grey base the combined effect gives the impression of a highly polished blade, a road warrior’s weapon. Champagne provides a welcoming warm tone, the golden tint contrasting well with the silver metal surface, catching the viewer’s interest with an image of luxury.

The Prime debuts a MyWave system which simplifies both operation and readability for users. Central to the MyWave experience is the adaptive user interface. They aim to integrate hardware and software into an intuitive