Ice Cream Sandwich global rollout upgrade to Transformer OG TF101 might get delayed again?


Asus started pushing out a OTA (over the air) software update version 9. 2.1.11 on February 23rd in Taiwan which upgrades Transformer Original TF101 from Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

The update is supposed to gradually roll out globally soon after from there (Taiwan), unfortunately the news is not so encouraging. The global rollout of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update might see another delay due to the large amount of complaints coming from Taiwanese consumers after updating to ICS OS.

We’ve cropped a list with all the issues discovered by TF101 owners below:

  •  sound disappears on some Transformer tablets (requires reset/reboot to work again)
  • when set to shutdown (turn off) it only reboots the tab and boots up again
  • when accessed camera will not start
  • when connected via HDMI port, WiFi is unable to connect
  • the boot sequence takes long time to load while sound is not present.

Note: The above problems were discovered by Taiwanese consumers after upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is just a list of complaints posted by Taiwanese consumers after upgrading to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich software update v9.2.1.11.

via Asus Taiwan on Facebook