Daily Android Game: Air War


Typical old-school aircraft arcade game, Air War is a game where you’ll have to complete all sorts of missions while destroying everything in your path and gather/collect as many energy blocks as possible because those blocks enhances your warship and its power to fire.

Air War has 11 levels, each level features different alien warship bosses and multiple special missile: 8 big guys and 5 unique bosses throughout the game.

You will have ten different missions to achieve where you will enhance your attack power and defense at the same time. Each mission has its own features and unique bosses and some of these bosses are only revealed while you are advancing throughout the game.

Storyline: You and your warship and wingmen are ordered back to complete some unfinished missions and battle with the alien warships. You will play as galaxy alliance warship Force member.

Download Air War available free on the Android makert (web link)


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