Daily Android Game: Momonga Pinball Adventures


I guess we all played pinball games whether it was back in the 80’s or 90’s when the game was only a huge electronic arcade console found in “Game room & Arcade” clubs or later on in the 2K when everything moved on the screen of a computer.

Paladin Studios brings to the Android platform a game which takes place in a 3D enviroment called – Momonga Pinball Adventures, a crossover between a pinball game and an action-adventure game with lots of levels, boss fights, many challenges, achievments and friend-based high-scores.

You hit a ball with flippers, but that’s where the pinball comparison ends. The studio avoided the typical look-and-feel of pinball games and instead created a colorful world suitable for a platformer.

“We love pinball, but hate the fact that pinball games are all so… cabinet-ish. Who needs another table with the same bells and whistles? It’s time for something new,” said Derk de Geus, co-founder of Paladin Studios.

Storyline:  The hero of the game is Momo, a small momonga (a Japanese Flying Squirrel which is too cute to be true). A band of evil owls have attacked his humble village, and have taken all of the momongas prisoner. Momo is heavily injured and barely survives the attack. Left for dead, a panda saves the little squirrel and takes care of him. He trains our hero and teaches him how to defeat the leader of the owl bandits, General Kuton. So there you are. Barely back on your feet again. All your friends have been kidnapped.

The game features:

  1. Beautiful handcrafted levels
  2. Crisp pinball physics
  3. A solid storyline
  4. Fully animated characters
  5. Old-fashioned boss fights
  6. Seamless Facebook integration

Momonga Pinball Adventures launches this Spring 2012. The game will be available for both smartphones and tablets, at first on Android and iOS and later on other platforms as well.