Opera Mobile Web Browser updated to version 12


A few minutes ago I noticed that a new Opera Mobile browser update is available for my Galaxy Tab via Android market so I rushed to update my browser to the latest version which is now 12.0 because I was unsatisfied with previous browser performances.

I am telling you the new update not only speeds up my web browsing but it made it more nicer too because the UI received a face-lift tabs are more roundish and beautiful after updating it.

Whats new in Opera Mobile Web Browser version 12.0:

  1. Support for more than 9 speed dials
  2. WebGL support
  3. HTML5 Camera (Android 2.1+)
  4. HTML5 Device Orientation
  5. HTML5 parser (Ragnarök)
  6. Android Beam support (NFC)
  7. Added Flash support on Android 4.0.3
  8. RTL text support in UI
  9. Turkish translation
  10. Improved:
  11. Keyboard support
  12. Scrolling on high pixel devices (Galaxy Nexus)
  13. Closing of tabs
  14. SSL connection speed
  15. Tab session restore
  16. Find in page UI
  17. Upgraded:
  18. Presto core (2.10.254)

Get it free from the Android market (web link) or directly from your Android device via Marketplace app.