Galaxy Note 10.1 revealed in a Samsung Ad, confirms stylus [Update]


We are aware about a 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Note for a couple of weeks now. What we didn’t know for sure was the precise date when it will be revealed.

Update: We’ve just received the above photo looks like Samsung started spreading Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-inch Ads in Barcelona, S Pen confirmed.

But now we do thanks to Swedish mobile journalist Anders Frick who has cleared it out bringing hard evidence after peeking around behind a large covered sign in the hotel where apparently Samsung staff is accommodated during MWC 2012.

We can clearly see that on the large sign at the bottom says “It’s 10.1, It’s Galaxy, and on the third row says “Samsung Galaxy Note.” I guess we are hours away from an official Samsung announcement of the 10.1-inch Galaxy Note.

Mobile World Congress starts on Monday morning but as usual major vendors plan press conferences at least 1 or 2 days before the show.