A Mobile Foreword to 2012


Let’s start with a small introduction about MWC event and its significance. It all started in 1987 when for the first time the Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, Spain gathering together Chief Executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from all over the world. Back then its initial name was GSM World Congress and later renamed as the 3GSM World Congress, is still often referred to as 3GSM or 3GSM World, but lately everyone talks about it as Mobile World Congress (MWC).

To understand it even better I will quote GSMA from their own website “GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Spanning more than 220 countries, the GSMA unites nearly 800 of the world’s mobile operators, as well as more than 200 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset makers, software companies, equipment providers, Internet companies, and media and entertainment organisations. The GSMA also produces industry-leading events such as the  Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Expo.”

MWC is pretty much like the foreword of a book, but addresses to a totally different crowed — the mobilers. It’s the place where vendors come to unveil all of their products in terms of mobile handhelds for the year (2012) ready to unfold. Its kind of like the start you don’t want to miss when you’re in line for the 100m dash race. A place where vendors like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Acer, Asus, Huawei, ZTE, Nvidia and many more unravel own roadmaps for the following 6 to 8 months by letting the world know whats yet to come. Another good comparison would be — MWC is kind of like Ibiza is each year to clubbers and deejay’s alike each summer.

I for a change, am very anxious to see what all these handset makers have in stored for 2012 – The year of Quad-core mobile devices. Are you?