Android Alert: New malware on the loose, spreads via Facebook & bypasses Google Bouncer


Malware are increasingly becoming a problem for Android users specially because the OS is rather new, very popular amongst mobile users and an attraction to evil intended hackers.

A new malware has been detected today spreading through Facebook and whats worse it bypasses Google’s recently launched security system called — Google Bouncer.

According to Slashgear the malicious software disguises itself as an Android application named “allnew.apk” or “any_name.apk” sent to Android phone users via Facebook’s mobile app.

Here’s a case scenario on how you can become a victim of new malware: An Android user may receive a simple Facebook friend request and if the user goes to the requester’s user profile to check him up, they could be redirected to third-party web link instead, where the malicious app will be automatically downloaded and installed.

However because Android OS doesn’t allow apps to be automatically downloaded by default and also it doesn’t allow a user to install from third-party (unknown) sources, unless the users chooses to turn off this protection in order to have access to apps distributed outside of the Android Market.

Once infected, the malware reportedly has the ability to send text messages in the background to premium rate phone services run by the scammers. These kind of charges are usually applied directly to the user’s phone bill unless it’s a prepaid sim card. Beware!