Daily Android Game: Galaxy Laser R (spaceship arcade)


Galaxy Laser R is an arcade aircraft epic space war game for Android devices kinda of like the old Tyrian for PC back in the 90s.

Game controls are easy to master, by touching and sliding your finger over the screen you can move the aircraft to left,right, up and down trying to destroy all enemies that come in your path. The game lets you register and share the highest scores.

While battling the enemies try gathering as many items as possible like those in the list below wich gives you access to special weapons and shielding.

  •  Red order: Multiple Shot
  •  Purple order: Power Shot
  •  Yellow order: Back Shot
  •  Green order: Shot speed up between bullets
  •  Skyblue order: Shield
  •  Rainbow order: All enemies destroyed!
  •  Black order : ??? developer surpise
  •  Diamond : Gain score

Download GalaxyLaserR for free available now on the Android market (web link)

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