Daily Android App: ssLauncher (Magazine look)


Tired of standard home screen replacements such as LauncherPro, ADW Launcher, GO Launcher, Zeam Launcher etc? Check this one out its called — ssLauncher Magazine look an interesting alternative to the common launchers.

ssLauncher Magazine Look replaces your average home screen with a magazine-like cover page. Supports different styles for shortcuts so that you can create a great mobile screen like a magazine cover page. For more wonderful screens, you can add some fancy font files (.ttf format) and apply it to shortcut texts then save it into a file and share it with your friends.

Features of ssLauncher:

  • Decorate screen with a variety of styles for shortcuts and widgets.
  • Easy and quick access to pages for contacts, bookmarks, application drawer, application group.
  • Many useful features of application drawer: showing/hiding app, marking star for favorites apps, changing application icon and name, uninstalling app and so on
  • Create application group and manage list by drag and drop.
  • Save and load your theme, page layouts and settings.
  • Convert the saved theme file to apk. (contact us by e-mail for more information)
  • Hide status bar, open status bar by swiping down.
  • You can add nice screen without launcher 7, dvr, minimalistic text, wp clock, clockr etc.
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Download ssLauncher Magazine Look free from the Android market (web link)


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