Spanish TMB workers to go on strike during MWC 2012 [Update]


With less than 10 days before the annual International Mobile World Congress open its doors, the main public transport operator in the metropolitan area of Barcelona TMB, workers have announced plans to strike during the show taking place 27th of February – 1st of March which may affect participants access to and from the Fira during all days of the event.

In the event the parties do not reach an agreement, comprehensive contingency plans are in place to ensure that all attendees will not be affected and all participants will be able to arrive and depart the event safely and without disruption.

The GSMA remains confident that the issues will be resolved and that there will be little, if any, impact to the Mobile World Congress.

PocketDroid will follow this story and its development in the next few days to learn more about it and keep you guys informed, specially for those that have plans to attend MWC 2012.

Update: GSMA will make the specific details of the contingency plan available to attendees on Saturday, 25th February through a number of mechanisms. Attendees who are in Barcelona will be able to access this information at the hotels and the Mobile World Congress registration points onsite and at the airport. Attendees, particularly those who have not yet traveled to Barcelona, can also get this information through our Customer Care Centre.

Update 2 – Sat, Feb 25th: GSMA issued another press statement informing all attendees about the development regarding a possible strike by TMB workers during MWC 2012. A contingency plan has been released for MWC participants to avoid blocked routes. More details here.

photo credit: BarcelonaEmotion