Daily Android Game: World Cup Table Tennis (Ping Pong)


At around the times when smart phones were not so commonplace, me being a fan of Ping Pong game, mobile phones and with a not so smart phone in my pocket I often wondered “could this great game be played on a phone”? If you wondered the same thing, well today you could thanks to Skyworks Interactive.

World cup table tennis is out for android and ready to challenge your fingers or thumbs whichever one you choose to use. This game being so interactive, it needs hand eye coordination (like the real game).

Game play – World cup table tennis to my surprise gave me the table tennis feel you know that ”in your face” feeling when you slam the other guy.

Controls – The controls are pretty simple(yeah you guessed it) you use your finger to swipe to the left, right and center to correspond to the ball when it is approaching after it bounces on your side once when hit by the player. There is a help&info section in the main menu in case this is your first encounter with table tennis. 

 Final words and rating – So in all World Cup Table Tennis brings a nice gaming experience to your smartphone with its fun and simple game play and it is available for free on the Android market we gave it a 4 out of 5.


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