Samsung Galaxy S II leak continues with 2 more official Ice Cream Sandwich firmware


Late last month Samsung Norway informed its customers through their official Facebook page about a forthcoming software upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, which pretty much made Norwegian’s the first people on this planet to receive Android 4.0 OS (at least because at that time no other Samsung foreign division said anything about an upgrade).

Well, a few days after this announcement the very first SGS II ICS ROM leaked out, build I9100XXLPB which is more of a test alpha version. Anyways following this path we know about two more official builds that are in the wild right now.

The first one, build number I9100XXLPH is for the international version of the Galaxy S II a followup of XXLPB but with many more improvements like battery life and speed/performance has improved, this could turn into a final version before the rollout begins.

While the second ROM build FB09 is for Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch this one is already deodexd and apparently pre-rooted as well. For Sprint’s build flash with a lot of caution because according to the head chef at ACS, Shabby Penguin he had trouble booting into the ROM past the kernel screen. Seems like he found temporary fix  but regardless use caution (Note: nobody to be held responsible if you try to flash this build and you end up with a bricked device).

Good luck and Enjoy!!

Download link for both ROM’s  I9100 Leak, E4GT Leak

via Phandroid