NetQin NQ Mobile Security App for Android [Review]


Netqin claims to be the best when it comes to mobile security, the app has been around for some time and it personally worked for me. Some other useful apps by NQ are ‘Carrier IQ cleaner‘ and ‘Android Booster‘.

Netqin went through some big change recently with leading to a branding change replacing ‘Netqin’ with ‘NQ’ and the releasing of ‘NQ Mobile Security.‘ NQ the review is really about the new ‘NQ Mobile Security‘ which we shall now consider.

The menu of the app itself is full of options ready to use. First up is: a log in the form of a green tick (if your database is up-to-date and your virus free) when clicked we get a log of recent protection activity, treats and operation next to this is fastscan and both under the your protection statue. (home screen)

From my use of the app for some time now I realized that the database is updated every weekday and it’s quite easy to do it.

Virus scan
To scan your device very simple, by pressing the arrow next to fast scan you get a menu with some virus protection options: Customized Scan, Full Scan, Real-time Protection and account Protection. Customized Scan lets you scan individual files and folders on your SD card and Full Scan does your SD card and installed apps. Real-Time means the apps is actively protecting you. Internet Protection protects you from Malicious sites. And Account Protection protects your accounts for compromise.

Vibrate when Calls connects
With reports of cell phones while talking on them emit radiation and can cause brain damage as a result, people are being concerned for our health. But with this feature you could at lease cut it down a bit. This feature makes your phone vibrate when the call connects to whoever you are calling so that you don’t need to hold the phone up to your ear. This is a useful feature because a lot of said radiation is emitted when a call is connecting.

Anti-eaves dropping
This is a useful feature that eavesdroppers surly hate and is surely loved by and is useful for important people like ‘Princess Peach’ when talking to Mario.

Privacy advisor

This feature allows you to monitor the access privileges of all the apps you installed on your device [contacts, messages, location and device info] and to decide whether to keep an app or not. 

Network manager

This feature offers a deep configuration of the data flowing through your device, setting your monthly data limit and the start of your billing cycle. You could set your device to cut of the data when your set limit is reached. You MUST however have root access for the firewall feature that blocks the apps of your choosing from accessing the internet. And in addition you could view your data on an interactive graph. (Network manager graph and settings)



Well the theme is self-explanatory. You have a host of features; Sim card change alerts: lets you set a number the phone sends a text message to if your sim card Is changed. This feature is useful if your phone gets stolen and the thief quickly switches the sim card his number is sent to the preset number. Another great feature is locating your device using GPS! But remember if your tracking down your phone it is an idea to carry the police with you. The other anti-thief options include sounding a load alarm in case the thief is still around or in the same room. Others are remote lock your device of remote wipe your data.


This features a cool looking gauge that shows your Ram usage and pressing the optimize button you could choose from the task to close. Under that is ‘Running apps’ where you get to close running apps. Under that is ‘App Manager’ where you could backup your installed apps to your SD card, report, rate, comment on an app, uninstall apps, diagnose suspicious apps. And lastly under Optimization there is ‘Rom app’ which gives users the same options above but to the apps that come with your phone (clean bloat ware).

Backup contacts

Another nice feature that lets you backup your contacts to your SD card or a contact backup account you make with NQ (use the menu button to get the option to backup to SD card)

Final words

Our final thoughts on NQ mobile security is that it has come a long way and we are happy for such a great al