Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ tipped by a casting job announcement


Before you start questioning my title yes you read the title correct — Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-inch!

In a casting job announcement placed on Backstage for a Samsung Galaxy commercial, the company which is supposed to film the ad OzCam US mistakenly revealed details about an upcoming 10.1-inch Galaxy Note used for education, financial planning, and art.

The details leaked on Backstage were confirmed by a document hosted on SamsungTomorrow’s website (tips to a MWC developers day event) which eventually taken down. Nevertheless folks at The Verge & BestBoyz managed to take some screenshots of whats inside that document.

Samsung apparently has new plans to transform the “smartblet” into a full-option tablet with an S Pen we are also expecting to see the Ice Cream Sandwich OS on board along with a Quad-core processor and much more. Excited enough for this years MWC?

source Backstage via