Daily Android Game: Ceramic Destroyer


Ceramic Destroyer is some sort of blasting everything in your path, you need to use the slingshot at the bottom of the screen (catapult) to shoot projectiles at the ceramic figurines at the top and trying to destroy them as close to 100% as you can.

The games spread for more than a dozen of levels where you can destroy over 100 different beautiful ceramics like Guitar, Butterflies, Robots, Candy and others. While the game evolves you are able to use all sort of bullets (bombs). The graphics of the game is pretty well-developed nice and clean the controls are easy and very intuitive.

How to play?

  1. Pull the catapult
  2. Adjustment angle and intensity
  3. Release your finger shoot
  4. Destroy at least 90% to level up

Tips: The 4 different bombs have different function


  • Beautiful ceramic style pictures.
  • Be full of the pleasure of explosion.
  • You can destroy more than 100 different ceramics like Guitar, Butterflies, Robots, Candy and so on.
  • Green Bomb: Pull the catapult to shoot the bomb
  • Blue Bomb: Tap The screen to split the bomb into 3 mini-bombs
  • Yellow Bomb: Tap the screen 3 times to lay out the mini-bombs
  • Purple Bomb: Rub the screen to control the direction of the bomb
  • More challenges coming soon

Download Ceramic Destroyer free from the Android market (web link)


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