Samsung Galaxy S II 4G aka HD LTE shows up on Telstra’s internal system


Carriers around the world are under heavy deployment of their LTE Networks while some of them started early adoption of 4G LTE devices and Australia is not an exception. Recently Vodafone Australia announced its intentions to bring the Galaxy Note Lte smartblet to its line-up.

A leaked screenshot shows the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G (Galaxy S II HD Lte) inside Telstra’s internal system (Siebel). Other numerous sources reported that dummy units of the Galaxy S II 4G and Galaxy Note, as well as the Galaxy Tab 8.9″ 4G, have been arriving in stores. In fact the GTab 8.9″ Lte might launch by the end of February or early in March.

Telstra could consider launching together all three handhelds, as we’ve seen it done before in the past by other carriers.

via Ausdroid