Lovelications to celebrate Valentine’s Day [Android Apps]


Love is in the air with a bang! For all the couples and singles looking for someone special, PocketDroid brings you lovely people the awesome ‘Lovelication’s, which are nothing but simple lovely application which our fantastic Android Market showcases.

This article is mainly for geek’s to show off the Android Love power to your beloved ones and display your affection towards them. If Cupid fails to play his role, Lovelications surely will!


1. Love Frames for Valentine

Frame your emotions and special moments with this app which provides over 20 Valentine themed frames including a rainbow of lights, love hearts, red/purple roses, and love ornaments.


2. Valentine’s Photo Heart

As to extend the previous app’s idea, this is a perfect Valentine Live Wallpaper for the special lovebirds. Enjoy pics of loved ones customized in any way you like with this beautiful live wallpaper.


3. Foursquare

This location-based social networking app can help you look for perfect places to take your date – may it be a restaurant, a movie house, or a hotel.  Discounts and other goodies also await you in places with ongoing Foursquare campaigns.


4. Ways To Say I Love You

If you’re not apt with words and are in desperate  need of a bit of inspiration, then this simple app is definitely for you.  Choose from a variety of romantic lines and practice them in front of a mirror before your date


5. M.A.S.H

The name says it all, “Married, Acquaintances, Soulmates, Happy” . Have the guilty teeny-bopper pleasure of playing it on our Droids.


Enjoy you-all lovebirds on with the lovely Cupid and Venus season of Love, Love and Love!!!