HP releases internal Android Kernel source code for the TouchPad



Probably you havent forgotten about HP’s last year fire-sale bonanza when the company decided to sell the TouchPad slate  for a surprisingly low price. A few lucky people got it for as low as $99. For their very own amazement the slate was also running the Android OS instead of the usual webOS. Meanwhile HP declared the TouchPad production line dead, but if you;re interested in buying one you can still find it for around $220.

HP took an interesting decision today, to finally put the internal Android Kernel source code of the TouchPad to good use by offering it to recognized developer group — CyanogenMod.

“HP supports the community and was kind enough to provide us with the Android kernel source and some other GPL components that they modified for the few Touchpads that were accidentally released running Android.”

Now that the kernel source is at their disposal maybe the team will finally manage to fix camera’s shooting problem, also to add support to the GPU to be able to play advanced 3D games like GTA III, Dead Space and all those Gameloft addictive games.

source RootzWiki (1);(2) via Liliputing