Dan Rosenberg: Sony Tablet S was a tough device to root


Security researcher Dan Rosenberg is back with another amazing root solution this time for Sony Tablet S which turn out to be a hard ass (pardon my language) before he finally managed to acquire permanent super user permissions.

Make sure you fully backup your Sony Tablet S before starting this process, because it’s possible that this exploit will wipe your /data partition ending up in a software brick. Dan says he already successfully tested it on two Sony tablets and it worked smoothly, but just in case.

Here’s how to root it:

1. Ensure your device is in USB debugging mode, is connected to your PC, and that ADB works. Instructions on this are available in this thread:


2. Download the exploit here:

3. Unzip the full contents of the zip.

4. Run “run.bat”

Note: Nobody to be held responsible for your actions but yourself if you attempt this method and fail or end up with a bricked tablet.

source XDA