Daily Android Game: Froad


Froad is a fun-filled game for the entire family where you have to help a mutant creature (a mixup between a frog and a toad)  to catch his favourite food (bugs) with the use of a simple tap of the screen.

The game is easy to play all you have to do is tap anywhere on the screen to make Froad  flick out its tongue and catch as many bugs as you can without being stung by the bees or water mosquitoes. The more bugs you catch, the more days Froad will live.

Storyline: There is a creature that lives in the trees, who likes to eat everything, except stingy bees. It looks like a frog, or maybe a toad. But no one has asked, so they just call it Froad.

Game feature:

• Cute and friendly graphics and sounds
• Simple single-tap gameplay
• Munch through two bug filled worlds
• Day and Night cycles bring new bugs to eat and new dangers to avoid
• See how many days you can feed Froad for
• Universal App – Optimized for both your handheld and tablet device
• Over 60 Achievements to unlock
• And 6 Leaderboards to climb

Download Froad available on the Android market (web link).




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