New Droid Bionic software update v5.9.902.XT875 coming soon and its not Ice Cream Sandwich! Not yet!


With the soak tests underway Verizon Wireless updated the PDF file regarding the next software upgrade for the Droid Bionic on their support page.

Droid Bionic is almost ready for a new software rollout and here’s the change log to let you know what to expect from the upcoming upgrade.Unfortunately its not an upgrade to Android 4.0 ICS OS its just a maintenance update.

Device Features

  • Added support for National Plus Code Dialing.
  • Added support for Bluetooth® Personal Area Networks (PAN).
  • Receive text message alerts while on voice calls without voice call interruption.
  • Improved audio while streaming video to a TV using the HDMI connection.
  • Improved Bluetooth audio when paired and connected to the device.
  • Improvements in device stability prevent the following:
  1. Black screen lockups
  2. Camera multi-shot lockups
  3. Idle resets
  4. Multimedia dock lockups
  • Device is now capable of providing Verizon Emergency Alerts.
  • Improvements in battery life.

Data Connectivity

  • Data connectivity and stability improvements.
  • Improvements in Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot download performance.

Application Improvements

  • YouTube videos will resume play from their previous location after
  • pausing to access the Notification Panel.
  • Composing a Visual Voice Mail message no longer mutes the voice call.
  • Messages saved with Visual Voice Mail will store to the SD card target shown
  • on the user interface.
  • Visual Voice Mail improvements for message storage and deletion.
  • Play WAV audio files.
  • The following apps are now preloaded:
  1. Amazon MP3
  2. VCAST Apps Store
More information on VZW support page here.