Sony files trademark for Xperia Sola name


At the beginning of 2012 Sony introduced four new Android smartphones at CES in Las Vegas; the Xperia NX, Acro HD, Ion and the first Sony-branded devices Xperia S, since the company took control of the other %50 of the joint venture from Ericsson.

According to a newly trademark filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, patent number 85528680, which covers “Mobile phones and accessories,” category. Sony registered the name Xperia Sola (in Latin), which stands for “only” or “”alone” in English.

We know that US carriers tend to rename any new device heading their way like they did in the past, and Xperia S may receive the same treatment. We might see the S renamed to Xperia Sola.

Right now there is no information linking Xperia S to Xperia Sola its just pure speculation. What do you think? Is Sony going to rename Xperia S to Sola?


via MobileSyrup