Samsung SII Plus press release shows phone running Ice Cream Sandwich


Even as the Galaxy SIII is not going to be announced at MWC in Barcelona, it seems like the Korean company will still unveil a smartphone over there, and it will be the Galaxy S II Plus . The phone popped up in a benchmark revealing that its processor clock has been bumped to 1.5 GHz (up from 1.2 in the Galaxy S II). Leaked press photo have given enough proof to CONFIRM the release of the phone.

Another one of Eldar Murtazin discoveries, the press photos resemble a bumped up version of the Galaxy SII Plus with the phone having Android menu buttons which are now all capacitive and closely mimic the styling of the on-screen buttons seen in Android 4.0 on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The circular folders on the screen resemble the folders’ icon present in the Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

Whats I am eager to see is at what price the Samsung Galaxy SII Plus will be sold at ?! I can hardly see a downfall in the price especially with the bumped up processor. On the other hand, the Galaxy S II Plus should obviously be cheaper than the Galaxy S III, and that’s coming in the first half of this year.

Update: Slashgear says the render is fake, what do you guys think is it fake or not?! Let us know via comments box below!