US Cellular: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ & Galaxy S Aviator are our first 4G LTE devices


 US Cellular carrier plans to officially launch its own next generation of cellular technology LTE network bringing access to data faster than ever offering 4G services through Android devices sporting such speeds.

The very first handsets to sport such speeds come from Samsung Mobile, the Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch will be the first 4G LTE tablet, while the Galaxy S Aviator (a re-branded version of the Droid Charge) pegged as the first Android smartphone with 4G LTE support.  Galaxy Tab is scheduled to launch first and it will happen sometime in March, while the Galaxy S Aviator is due to arrive somewhere in April.

There are no further details about an exact date when these two devices will be available nor any kind of information about the price, but we will keep you posted when new details emerge.