Rumor: Galaxy S III launches March 13 in Turkey, Galaxy Note S & Galaxy S Plus II in 4th Q of 2012


Are you ready for more rumors about Samsung Galaxy S III? How about Galaxy Note S and Galaxy S Plus II, a couple of new devices we’ve never heard of are due to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2012 according to Mobile Cowboys (a Dutch website).

MC Dutch site also claims that its trustworthy source saw a document in which the GALAXY S III is due to land in Turkey on March 13.

Confused? You should be by now, we are not certain at this point whats real and whats fantasy, but let me fill you in with what happened so far (let me remind you that all the following are only rumors linked in one way or antoher to the upcoming Galaxy S III).

Everything started in September when for the first time we heard some rumors about SGS III possible hardware specifications, then on October 10 more specs surface and later on last year, December 23 (2011) a potential mockup of the Galaxy S III showed up online on a Russian social network (we consider that a simple concept design). Moving into 2012 a week after CES ended fans discovered in Samsung CES conference video intro a possible appearance of the 3rd generation flagship handset. Still following our lead, because we are not done yet (heh). Now moving forward January 24th when more speculation surface, this time coming from a couple of tweets made by Eldar Murtazin, followed three days later by an audio conversation recorded by SammyHub with one of the Samsung representatives and market name leaked from Samsung Support UAE page.

This is pretty much whats been going on and rumored about the Galaxy S III for the last 4-5 months and most likely gossip will continue until Samsung confirms anything.



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