Daily Android Game: Planet Runner


If you are not bored by the tons of jump and run games available on the Android market, here is another one with quite nice graphics, good sounds and pretty engaging.

You’re playing as the “Planet Runner,” a robot character which is the last hope to save the planet by running and jumping over 9 levels of robot eating plants, other wierd creatures and¬†obstacles. The game controls are pretty easy to master, here’s how to play:

– Tap screen or trackball to let Planet Runner jump.
– You must jump over machines fast and carefully.
– Long-distance jumping and continuous jumping would be a challenge.
– High Score: Collect more plants and flowers, use less number of life.
– High Rating: One-time clearance per level.

Storyline: In a war-damaged planet, people have been evacuated, all creatures have disappeared. But this planet has not lost the last hope, a brave robot still stay in the ruins, he tried his best to collect the last lives in ruins, hoping to help people rebuild their homes one day.

However, the legacy of the war machine is still active on planet, these bloodthirsty machines made endless destruction, little robot warrior must desperately running jump to avoid these terrible mechanical garbage. Robot Warrior is the last hope for this planet, he is Planet Runner!!!

Download Planet Runner free from the Android market (web link)


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