Is Samsung going to announce a 2GHz Galaxy Tab at MWC ?


Rumor has it that Samsung is gearing up for a 2GHz 11.6 inch Galaxy Tab release which will feature the new Exynos 5250 2GHz chip along with a display larger than 10 inches with a WXQGA (2560×1600) resolution. The device will run the latest Android 4.0.x.

Taylor Wimberly from Android&Me had the privilege to visit CES a couple of weeks ago and witnessed a prototype tablet from Samsung featuring the Exynos 5250 chip along with a preloaded Android 4.0 version. He was kindly asked to delete any pictures of the device from his camera when taking pictures later after the briefing. He believes that although Samsung might hold the SIII from MWC, that will not stop them from releasing a ‘future-generation’ Galaxy Tab. Having already introduced the Exynos 5250 last year, there remains every possibility that we may soon see a new Galaxy Tab.

Samsung has been working on the Cortex-A15 parts, but were not expected to be widely available in products until late 2012 or early 2013 . However, Samsung has been sampling their A15 part for quite some time and they just announced it will go into mass production in Q2 of 2012.

There mere fact that Samsung have already assembled a device running the Exynos 5250 with Android 4.0 is evident enough to prove that Samsung are well serious when it comes to Android. A new Exynos 5250 device from Android would be a real bonus for Samsung who have already had an amazing year and a successful CES.

As for people looking to buy new Galaxy Tab’s, I reckon you hold your horses and wait a couple of weeks