Samsung Galaxy S III launch plans and rumors continue


 It’s getting ridiculously funny at least for the last few days after a couple of tweets coming from Eldar Murtazin, everyone started to gossip about Samsung GALAXY S III arrival whether it will be at the International Mobile World Congress 2012 taking place next month in Barcelona, Spain or later.

SammyHub published a recorded conversation (audio only) saying it’s the official answer they’ve received from Samsung’s representative via a phone call. In the recording we clearly hear a man’s voice followed by a female voice which probably is a secretary (press officer), telling the guy that Samsung has several options to when and where they can launch the anxiously awaited flagship (3rd generation) Galaxy S series phone.

This is the audio file with the “official answer from Samsung representative regarding Galaxy S III Launch.

Since nothing official came out so far from Samsung we can only speculate (if the device exists at all heh). Anyways there are other interesting gadgets to see at MWC like the upcoming HTC Ville, the quad-core HTC Supreme (Edge/Endeavor) or Sony’s newly refreshed Xperia series. We will be in for a real treat this year, I am very excited to see what the Japanese manufacturer has to offer at MWC, because there is a new tablet dubbed Crystal that I keep hearing about in the last couple of days and many more surprises coming from handsets maker such as LG, Huawei, ZTE, etc.