A new product model name GT-I9300 appears on Samsung United Arab Emirates website. Is this the Samsung Galaxy S III?


Samsung fans digging through any holes on the internet to find a hint that might point to next-flagship GALAXY S III, and all this thanks to all the latest rumors and leaks flowing around the Internet.

A new product model name GT-I9300 surfaced today on Samsung’s United Arab Emirates website, which is likely to lead to more speculation.

Samsung GALAXY S series started with the launch of GT-i9000 using product model code number I90** , GALAXY S II moved to I91**,  while  GALAXY Nexus uses I9250 (I92**),which leads us to belive that  Samsung could use I93** for the 3rd GALAXY S flagship smartphone that might debut somewhere between MWC 2012 (February 27) and the 2nd half of 2012.

Is Samsung going to assign product model name GT-I9300 to the Samsung GALAXY S III?


source SamsungUAE via PocketNow