Google research shows a interesting growth in the smartphone area around the world & specially in UK


 According to a survey conducted by Google’s research partners Ipsos to gain a greater insight into consumer usage of mobile handsets, shows that smartphones are one of the main interest amongst tech consumers today.

Over 2,000 people from each of the following countries US, UK, Germany, France and Japan were questioned between January – February 2011 (first phase) and September – October 2011 (second phase). The results show that more consumers in the above mentioned countries use a mobile phone (feature phone or smartphone) rather than a computer (desktop or laptop).

In the last year UK showed the largest increase in smartphone usage from 30% to 45% of the total population. The number of women using a smartphone increased in all five countries as well, while the numbers amongst consumer aged over 45 also increased in the US, UK and France.

Some of the key findings of this new research include:

  • Consumers are clearly shifting from feature phones to smartphones. Smartphone penetration reached 45% in the UK, 38% in the US and France, 23% in Germany and 17% in Japan.  
  • Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones for Internet access. Germany saw the biggest increase with the percentage of smartphone owners using their device for daily Internet access jumping from 3