Sony Xperia Ion US pre-orders started, Xperia S cousin ready for launch on January 30 in UK


Xperia series is without a doubt Sony’s winning Android mobile line-up these days with the latest announcements which includes devices such as Xperia Ion headed for the US market and Xperia S the very first self-branded Android handset since Japanese company decided to purchase late last year the other half of the joint venture from Ericsson.

Sony Xperia Ion is almost the same thing with Xperia S with small differences like the fact that Xperia Ion is designated for North America while its cousin Xperia S will venture into European lands.

US retailers such as Negri Electronics already features the new Sony Xperia Ion which is up for pre-order at $569.50 unlocked (SIM free), while Sony Xperia S will become available early next week (January 30) from Play dot com for a price of £449.


via TheInquirer & AndroidCentral