Sony Xperia Arc HD or another Xperia Arc S ?


Apparently a new Sony Experia design was leaked in a Resident Evil:Retribution trailer released a couple of hours earlier on YouTube.

Although various time in the past specs have continued to leak out in regard to the Xperia Arc HD with it rumoured to have Full-HD recording capabilities but are we looking at the Sony Xperia Arc HD or is this just a re-branded Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S ?

The Sony Xperia S was just released a couple of days ago in Las Vegas at CES 2012, but it was earlier believed to be Xperia LT22i or Nypon which turned out to be a concept. However, it turned out to be a concept.

The Sony Xperia Arc HD has a more solid chance of making it out in the smartphone world having been caught on camera depicting a Full-HD display evident from the photo above.

PocketDroid will keep you updated on all of this as soon as we have something! Wouldn’t we love a HD Xperia Arc !!

Via PocketNow