Counter-Strike 1.6 (3D Portable) for Android devices


In the last decade or so Counter-Strike was and probably still is one of the most successful first person shooter (FPS) ever. Anyone who played at least for fun  must have heard of teams such as  SK Gaming, zEx, NoA, EYE or players like HeatoN, SpawN, knoxville, fR0D, HypeR and many more extremely talented Counter-Strike players.

Although it’s not really a port but rather a mobile version of Counter Strike 1.6 powered by Unity 3D, the game is developed and maintained by FrIuNs and TiP@H. CS 3D Portable is playable in single or multi player mode (there are more than 600 players online).


  • 5o version works on Android 2.0+ (but not ICS), ARMv6+, GL 1.0+
  • 6i version works on Android 2.3+, ARMv7, GL 1.0+

Changelog (version 6p): 

  • added new maps
  • now you can install fire button everywhere you want
  • you can kick players if you are a host
  • aim fixed
For the download links head over to XDA Forums to the original thread of Counter-Strike 3D Portable.
Gameplay video on SGS II
Gameplay video on Xperia Play