Daily Android App: Sense Flip Clock & Weather Widget



Sense Flip Clock & Weather is the only widget/application on the Android market that is close to the HTC Sense flip clock and weather forecast. The clock actually flips!!

A full featured, size 4×2 fully customizable digital clock and weather forecast widget that actually flip designed by Droid27.


The widget features the following:

– Flip animation
– 9 skins to chose from
– 4 weather icon skins
– Portrait or landscape mode
– 12 or 24 hour clock with date
– Display the current week number
– Current location (city, country) taken automatically from cell/wifi or GPS, or specified by the user
– Weather conditions for current location (condition and temperature, low and high temperatures and weather icon)
– Detailed weather forecast display including the following:
– Local time
– Sunrise and sunset time for current location
– Humidity and wind conditions
– Current condition, temperature and low and high temperatures
– Current condition icon
– Last weather update time
– 4 day weather forecast
– World weather: Chose to display weather information for any number of different locations worldwide. Just select your favorite locations and you will immediately have updated weather and time information.
– Refresh location or weather by tapping on the widget
– Launch up to four different applications by tapping different widget hotspots (everything is user defined)

Download Sense Flip Clock & Weather (web link)


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