Master Yoda stars in Vodafone TV commercials campaign


George Lucas’s Star Wars Hollywood block-busters  is still one of the best-selling brands in the industry today. Vodafone  turned to San Francisco-based Lucasfilms Studios to film a couple of TV commercials in which stars Master Yoda.

Vodafone latest TV commercial series produced by George Lucas’s studios were filmed last year in November in London starring Master Yoda character (voiced by Tom Kane).

Master Yoda features in every day scenarios, like the one in the video below in a sushi restaurant trying to guide Vodafone users to face their challanges using the “jedi knight force” in situations where  it isn’t required, such as moving contacts from one smartphone to another. The first clip premiered earlier today on Channel 4 in UK.

Vodafone RED Box: No need for Jedi training



via TheInquirer