Verizon resumes Android 4.0.2 software update halted in 2011 for the GALAXY Nexus


A software update for the Samsung GALAXY Nexus started rolling last year but it was halted after a few days due to some problems. Verizon Wireless resumes the software upgrade for the GALAXY Nexus rolling Android 4.0.2 as we speak bringing software build version ICL53F.

Didnt got it in 2011? Do not worry  you should receive an over the air (FOTA) notification to upgrade your device, but if you don’t get prompt for it try to manually pull it by going into your phone “Home” > “Applications” > “Settings” > “About Phone” > “System updates”. Press “Restart & install.”

Change log:

Device features

  • Optimized Mobile Hotspot when used with VPN.
  • Optimized 3G/4G data sessions for faster response times.
  • Fixed an incorrect notification that “data was disconnected due to roaming”.
  • Wi-Fi now automatically reconnects when returning to a known Access Point.
  • Improvements to special visual effects feature when using front-facing camcorder.
  • Visual improvements to the lock screen. email & messaging
  • Fixed an issue where some email attachments would not open correctly.

Apps & Widgets

  • DivX support has been removed, and will be supported in a future upgrade.
  • Improved audio volume in Google navigation turn-by-turn directions.

via Verizon