CES2012: Kodak Polaroid shows off its SC1630 Android HD smart camera


Imagine your 14-16 megapixel photo camera shoveled inside your Android smartphone or the other way around. Thats how Kodak Polaroid SC1630 Android HD smart camera is, two in one.

On one side lets you take advantage of the Android operating system from Google along with the benefits of a GSM device and on the other hand you are able to take beautiful snapshots at a very high-resolution using the 16MP camera unit with xenon flash, 3x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom, F3.1-F5.6 aperture, ISO up to 3200, shutter speeds of up to 1/1400 and the ability to record 720p HD videos. This specifications on the camera itself are far better than an average compact camera that costs a little over $80.

Now going to the smartphone side where the specs are not that great because Polaroid needed room for its camera lenses, anyways the SC1630 features a 3.2-inch capacitive touch screen (800x400p), 512MB of RAM, 512MB of ROM (built-in memory), a micro SIM card slot, a micro USB port and a 2.5mm audio jack. The 850/1900/2100MHz WCDMA and 850/900/1800/1900 GSM radios, along with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and an FM radio antenna are also included in its specs.

Looks like this “smartcam” will join the market somewhere in April for a price tag of $300, but until then the SC1630 could see some changes on the hardware side (pointing to the phone specs).



via Engadget & Android Central (video)



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