Daily Android Game: City Jump Strike back


‘Strike back’ as in strike backs the alien robots who are invading the city. And it’s now your job to help the humans to strike back and defeat the alien invasion.

CJ Strike Back is a really nice jump and run free addition to the Android market. It’s a game based on you jumping from wall-to-wall with some really nice super powers to help you along and all indestructible with a short time limit.

We have seen a few such games on the Android market but this one takes the cake for its simple yet enjoyable gameplay and physics. So we won’t spend much time on this for we expect you to try it yourself.

Game controls:

  • Tap screen to jump to kill enemies.
  • Kill 3 of the same kind enemies to POWER UP.
  • Kill the boss for extra bonus.
  • Achieve appointed tasks to get higher score.



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