HTC Jetstream receives its first custom kernel! Let the overclocking begin!


HTC Jetsream is not that popular in the Android world, but with its recent permanent root solution,and clockworkmod and adding to all these options first custom kernel (thanks to recognized XDA developer, DooMLoRD) which offers possibility to overclock slate’s CPU up to 2.052Ghz.

In a short statement for XDA Developers portal the author of the first custom kernel for HTC Jetstream said:

“Basically this should encourage other devs to start working on the device now that they know its rooted, has recovery and can run custom kernels” 

Here’s a quick log of what changes with this custom kernel:

  • CPU overclocked to 2.052 Ghz
  • CPU underclocked to 192 Mhz
  • GPU overclocked to 320 Mhz
  • for safe booting CPU is capped at bootup to 1.536GHz/384MHz (max/min)
  • slightly undervolted (atleast for stock frequencies)
  • uses LZMA compression
  • added lots of fixing/patches (including CPU HOTPLUG notifications/CPU unaligned access) thanks to faux132
  • VDD CPU voltage control (@ /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/vdd_table/vdd_levels)
  • compiled using Snapdragon optimizations
  • PERFLOCK disabled
  • SWAP enabled
  • enabled few file systems support:
  • NTFS
  • NFS
  • CIFS
  • insecure kernel ( & USB debugging enabled by default)
  • /system mounted as RW

via XDA (1); (2)