Samsung GALAXY Nexus 16GB in White clothing will arrive February 6 in UK



Handheld manufacturers occasionally like to bring their favorite devices in different colors for diversity, like Samsung GALAXY S II first came in black, than in white and pink.

Google Samsung GALAXY Nexus is due to arrive in white clothing in the first week of next month (February 6).

United Kingdom retailers Clove and MobileFun announces the Samsung GALAXY Nexus White 16GB model available as early as February 6th, but you can start your pre-orders right now. The smartphone will be offered at the same price as the original GALAXY Nexus , which is currently available from Clove at £415 (£498 tax included). MobileFun has the smartphone available on pre-order starting at £519.95 taxes included.

Update: Clove finally uploaded the official renders of the new White Samsung Galaxy Nexus on their website so here they are.


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